Thursday, October 18, 2007

Saving the day

Have I mentioned lately how fabulously multi-talented my husband is? By day he's a Ph.D working with radar, by night he's a plumber. Our kitchen faucet has been leaking and the parents noticed it when they were here during the birthday weekend. So we jerry-rigged a small tupperware bowl and a cafeteria tray under the sink to catch the drips. Well, the temporary fix just didn't work. Now, what does Jon do? Does he succumb to the temptation to call a plumber? Of course not! He hops on the internet, finds the faucet schematics, pulls that bad boy apart and, with engineer-preciseness, finds the problem. His handy-dandy sidekicks run to the plumbing parts store, pick up what our hero needs and Voila! Triumph! Seriously, you should see how many parts there are to this faucet--I think it requires at least a Ph.D to put it back together correctly. Hurray--the kitchen faucet works again and the sidekick doesn't have to wash dishes in the bathroom!
But does our hero stop with the success of one vanquished faucet? Oh no! He charges up the stairs, pulls apart this bathroom drain we've always had problems with, uses the parts his sidekick hands him and yet again, Voila! It's fixed!
The Air Force better be careful--if Jon gets tired of radar, he can always fall back on his new-found night job.

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Anonymous said...

Hoorah!!!! Jon, you are the MAN! Way to go! You earned a medal and now you prove you worth with daily metal!!!! Love, G + P

Beth said...

pretty dang amazing, jon. "certified genius makes good."

~S said...

good job!
why do you have a cafeteria tray?

Jon Luminati said...

Why do I have a cafeteria tray? Well, ah, it must have slipped into my dorm room in college a few years back. Come to think of it, that was the same night as a major snow storm, and it was very handy for sledding the next day. Not really sure how it ended up there though.

Beth said...

we sledded on stolen cafeteria trays all the time! that's the best part of the winter. they're great. wow, those days sure are over.