Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gram is the Greatest!

What a great week we had visiting with Gram Luminati. It was wonderful to have her here--her servant's heart and desire to be helpful permeates everything she does. She even emptied the Diaper Champ more than once! And Sunday afternoon while Jon and I prepared to go on a date, I caught her mopping the kitchen floor. And boy, was it nice not to have to make my bed for a whole week! Alas, those fun days are over and Kate and I are learning to deal with our own conversation again. Gram always has a song or a story to tell to her granddaughter and boy does Kate love listening to her. Both enjoyed baths, naps, diaper changes, and even a trip to the Shenandoahs. (Side note--feeding a newborn while sitting on a picnic blanket, trying to keep covered up while shooing away the bugs is NOT recommended.) But what a great week we had and we are so thankful for all Gram's great meals, babysitting, cleaning, and just being the joyful person she is. Next time, bring Pops and the visit will be perfect!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed my visit with "Gram" too! So glad it worked out that we could get together! I've had a busy photo week so I hope to get those pics emailed soon!


Anonymous said...

I made the blog!! I LOVED my visit!! Deep joy, beautiful baby, wonderful Mom and Dad and I got to SING! Pops will come next time. Thank you for giving me this precious time and an oh so sweet memory!! Love, Gram