Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Hardest Peace

You know, sometimes when life is difficult, it seems easier to turn a blind eye. Or to stick one's head in the sand, and pretend the hurt and pain don't exist. Or that they do exist, but they don't affect us as deeply as we allow. Pain and suffering aren't popular topics, but we all know they reveal themselves in everyone's life. But what to DO with the pain and suffering? Can it be defeated? Can it be conquered?

My dear friend Blythe has shared with me the struggles of her dear friend, Kara, in her battle with terminal illness. Kara is a pastor's wife, mother of four, and has been fighting cancer for over a year. Of course we pray and pray for a miracle--for Kara's cancer to disappear and for her to live her life out fully-- but it seems God has other plans.

In the midst of such pain and heartache, Kara has kept a blog and has even written a book. This book, The Hardest Peace, is something I wanted to share with you. It's available starting Oct 1, and I promise if you read it, you'll never be the same! To learn more about Kara and her struggle, check out her blog: http://mundanefaithfulness.com/. And please, pray for Kara and her family as they face each new day.

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