Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Miranda!

Happy second birthday to our sweetie! It's hard to believe you've been a member of our family for two years already. Little did we know that you'd be born less than 2 hrs from the first contraction, and little did we know that you'd live in two continents (and two different countries) before you turned two. Wow! I know you won't remember these things, but at least you can look back and see some of the places and people we've been in your first two years. You bring so much joy to our lives and to the lives of others that we love celebrating you! We thank God for you each and every day, and I know your sisters do too. :)
Daddy and Miranda just a few hours after birth

Whew--made it!
Your first visitors in the hospital--seeing their baby Baranda

Our wonderful Frau Ruth and Herr Armin, whom we miss!
Our sweet Isabel! See you next year.
Caleb, representing his family, who just adore you

Sisters enjoying our last trip in Austria before moving back stateside

Our wonderful Great Gramie, who was so glad to meet you in June!

Uncle Ev, representing more family: "Ma-come" and "Aun Bef"

You love the "packack" and want to go back in it whenever you see it. :)

Love from Nana and Grandpa (and we love the new bibs!!)

Your bud, helping you "ride 'orse"
So fun to love, especially at the beach, with Gram and Pops!

Miranda, where's your birthday cake? :)

You blew out your own candles...impressive. And loved the Happy Birthday song.


Yay, family came to celebrate with us! Love you, AJ and UA!

Love ya, cuz! "You-ck" and "Jo" Thanks for coming up!

We just love you so much, sweetie pie. What fun it is to celebrate you.

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Deb said...

What a wonderful family celebration. So happy everyone could be there to celebrate Miranda's birthday.