Saturday, June 14, 2014

Friends and family

What a blessing it is to be with family again! We are soaking up every minute. In just two weeks we'll be in southern CA house-hunting, so we'll enjoy all the free time we can get. 
Ellie and Grandpa enjoying some ice cream

Nana, Kate, and Miranda on the other side of the table

Reading a book with Uncle Evan

My dear friend, sweet sister, and their kids--what a group!

Gram and the girls

My sweet niece

Oojaboojy chubbers nephew with his Uncle Jon

Pedicures for my sister's special birthday!!

Wearing aprons from two jobs I used to have

Even Uncle Dave got in on the fun

Sonic!! Thanks, Allison! :)

Making new friends with some of my old friends' kids

Special time with our sweet great Gramie

Chik-Fil-A playdate with new friends (my long-time friend's daughters)
And our time in Colorado isn't finished yet! We miss our time in Germany, but are grateful for this respite before the next duty station.


Deb said...

How great it is to have the Luminati family back in the states. What fun times these pics show!

Roxanne said...

As a fellow blogger ;-) I just want to say, thanks for the pics and the happy you are getting to enjoy friends and family in the USA :-)

b.niel said...

aww, yay! what a great time we had. and you got pics up so fast!