Friday, May 30, 2014

Saying Auf Wiedersehen

This last week we left the land of delicious bretzels, beer, gummis, cheese, wurst and baked goods in general, and arrived back in the good ol' US of A. Of course, our departure from Germany was so bittersweet! We have been so blessed by all the wonderful people we've met over the last 3 1/2 years. I won't begin to name them all because I would definitely forget some! But we are so grateful for the opportunity to live in such an amazing place and meet so many unforgettable people.

Great American neighbors

Sweet long-time friends and now our kids are friends!

Dear German neighbors

Almost a member of the family!

Sweet friends

Friends for the whole family

Our wonderful landlords and more adoptive family members

Our diminished yet still awesome small group

See you in the States!!
Kate's teacher

More wonderful German neighbors

All the incredible MOPS moms! You all rock.

Mr. and Mrs. Wolf who always know what time it is.

Classmates and friends
New neighbors we had to leave too soon
Gotta love a lot of Jens. :)

The incredible ladies at the girls' German kindergarten who loved ours as their own

Two peas in a pod, albeit two continents apart

We love and miss you all already! And there are so many more I don't have pictures of, but again, we are profoundly grateful to you all for being our family overseas. Know you are all welcome to visit in CA...once we get there!
The girls did a great job on the plane rides, watching tv and enduring the long flight from Frankfurt to Denver (9 1/2 hrs!!). Ugh.
How they looked during most of the long flight.
She was a champ--slept only about 1 hr but did great walking around and making friends.

At last, after 45 min waiting in the customs line with our eight checked bags and five carry ons, we got to see the wonderful family who endured our 3 1/2 year absence and welcomed us with excited and open arms.


Sacked out at 6pm (2 am Germany time)
 Auf Weidersehen, liebe Deutschland!! Vielen Dank!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Luminatis! Can't wait to see you in CA!

~This Jenn

Christine said...

We already miss you!! I'm nearly done with the third book ;-)
Hope you have a wonderful time in Colorado