Sunday, March 23, 2014

Miranda: 18 months

Happy 18 month birthday, Miranda Joy! 
God brought Miranda into the world with less than 2 hours of labor and we've been trying to keep up since. :) What fun it is to celebrate such a sweetie pie. Miranda is a joyful, fun, excited and explorative baby--she hardly ever slows down! A few months ago we were calling her Miss Chevious because of all the "trouble" she kept getting in to, but now she's settled down and we're so thankful. She really wants to keep up with her big sisters, and they just love her to pieces.

Mom and the three girls
As an 18 month old, Miranda loves to take walks, be outside, see animals, read books, eat carbs, learn new words, play hide and seek, talk to Daddy on the phone, and take baths. We tried signing with her starting at 5 months, but I finally gave it up at one year. She just wasn't doing it. Nowadays, however, she does one sign--bath. She loves her bath and knows the word like a dog knows the word "walk"--so don't say it around her unless she's getting one! She splashes and plays and revels in the big tub.

Eating is one of her favorite things, and she'd do it all day long if l let her. Her favorite foods include bread, crackers, anything sweet, and fruit. Sometimes she'll eat lunchmeat and cheese and maybe a pepper strip or two, but she loves her carbs. She even knows the sound of a bakery bag being opened and knows which bag contains her favorite German bretzel. She knows the sound of her snack cup being filled from a room away, and it always brings her running. She has a lot of words, and she can say "pssss" (for please) repetitively and even unprompted.

Wherever she goes, she conquers. :) The volunteers in the church nursery love her (she never cries, that's why) and the kids at the bus stop dote on her. Here's one of her favorites--Caleb. He does such a good job watching out for her and helping her stay out of trouble.

Miranda also loves books. You can ask her to go get a book and she'll run to her basket and bring you back one (or five). She knows the animals and their sounds (ducks, pigs, dogs, cows, sheep) and she squirms with anticipation when you pull her on to your lap to read. Her favorite books are about animals because she is enthralled, completely entranced, with animals. She will plant her little feet and stop to watch a dog go by. She loves walking out to see the sheep and she baaaas at them from 50 feet away. She screeches with excitement when she sees a bird out the window when we sit and eat. It's adorable to see her so excited about them.
Fitting into a dress from Great Gramie that her sisters wore!

 She will also bring you her shoes and go stand by the door until you open it. She cries when it's time to go inside because she loves to romp and explore. As you can see from the picture below, she's roughly the size of our trash can (I'm working on a trash post soon, so stay tuned). She's always on the go and always ready to see what's coming up next. We are so
We are so incredibly blessed to have you in our family, sweet baby! Your mommy, daddy, and big sisters thank God for you every day.


Nana said...

Sweet Miranda how you have grown and how exciting to see your personality becoming unique to you. You and your sisters have many fun years ahead. I hope your mom and dad can keep up with you. We can't wait to have you here, all of you!! We love you!

Tom said...

what a wonderful post, Jen! Thanks so much for sharing the miracle that is Miranda!

--Grandpa Tom