Monday, March 3, 2014

A few differences

If you've been following our blog for a while, you'll realize I took a hiatus. I guess the 300th post threw me! But we're nearing the end of our German adventure, and I wanted to make sure I got this post in before we leave.

There are a few differences between the German and American cultures.
There are.
I know you're totally shocked--how can they be that different? Well, my friend, let me tell you. Oh, and my caveat--this list is by no means exhaustive. These are the differences noticed by this one American. Anyone else is welcome to chime in on what I missed!

Starting off easy: An Asian pear from China. (Sorry for the blurry image.) Yes, this Asian pear clearly states that it's from China (IN ENGLISH). I don't think we see many of those in the US.

This is always good for a chuckle: A street sign in Herrenberg, a town about 20 min south of us.
Ok, any guesses what this is? The silver canister on the counter in McDonalds? No? It's a trash can. Yes. It is. You find these everywhere (usually for creamer trash, sugar packets, straws). The funny thing is these cans are average size in Germany--this is a country that does NOT use big trash cans.
Now they may have this in the States by now--someone might need to fill me in. But in case you can't read the package, it says "Baby Art: Belly Kit." Yes, even you can take a plaster-of-paris mold of your pregnant belly and boobs, to keep indefinitely. Wow.
This was taken at our local grocery store. Now I realize people may have a marzipan fettish in the States, but it's nothing like here. You can get marzipan in almost any shape, and here you have a cornucopia of fruit and veggie shapes from which to choose.

This is a fun one: In the town where we live, there is a major Mercedes/Daimler plant. Cars roll off the line constantly, and you can even go to the factory floor to pick up your brand-spanking new Mercedes. Pretty cool! Since the make them here, there are always these black rubber-covered cars driving around, presumably testing new gadgets and upgrades. (No I didn't get in an accident taking this picture...but yes, I am driving.) And as a side note, ALL the lane lines in Europe are white. There are no yellow lines to differentiate between different directions of travel. Yes, that took a while to get used to!

This one's a little eaiser to see the rubber covers to make it "incognito."
This one is just fun. If garlic sauce is made from garlic, and fish sauce is made from fish, what is American Sauce made from? Just a thought.
Think anyone can come from the States and drive in Germany? Ok, one question: What do you do here?
Or here? Remember there's a whole line of people behind you...decide quickly (and correctly)!

Seriously one of the most difficult things in Germany is deciphering the elevator. Good luck! Here's a hint: I got on at E and I want to go down one floor. ALWAYS know the floor where you start when you get on a German elevator!

 And finally, leaving my favorite shopping mall. The Stern Center wishes me a gut fahrt. Thank you very much--I would certainly enjoy one.


Anonymous said...

Great post - these should help on our up and coming visit!! Love the girly girl pictures!! They are so beautiful!!!!!

See you soon!
A & J

P.S. Thank you for the thank yous. We loved the notes and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am aware that we have belly art in the states. As far as I understand, you can also paint/decorate it after the plaster dries.


This Jenn

Cassie said...

hahahah this is excellent :)

scarlet said...

oh my gosh, that elevator would give me a panic attack