Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Luminati girls!

We celebrated two fun birthdays at the end of August. Happy birthday Kate and Jen!! 
Such a big girl!

Birthday girls on their big day
We began our celebration with Kate's cake and presents--thanks to our wonderful family who sent so many awesome gifts to Kate!! Thank you notes are coming...eventually. On the actual birthday, we headed to Playmobile FunPark, which is just outside Nuremburg (about 2 hrs away). And boy was it fun!! The weather was wonderful and everyone had a great time. Even Miranda. :) Playmobile is different from LEGOLAND in that it is more just playing as opposed to riding rides.

Translation: Royal Jester
The western section of the park had some fun and familiar things in it. The stagecoach actually said "Denver" among other western cities. Also, the girls got to "ride" these playmobile horses.

Panning for gold (earlier in the day before it got crazy crowded!)

And if you ever wanted to milk a pretend cow, Playmobile FunPark is the place for you. :)

They got to make their own playmobile people and were very happy with them. They both made witches...great.

Jen enjoying one of her new favorites...Eis Kaffee. (Literally, coffee over ice cream. It's wonderful with all the whipped cream they put in it, too!) Happy birthday to me. 

After two days at Playmobile, we drove about 30 min closer to home and stayed at Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This is an amazing town that still has its medieval wall intact, completely surrounding the town. If you want to know what medieval Germany looked like, visit this incredible and amazing town. CLick on the pictures to see them closer--can you tell the biggest industry in R o d T is tourism? 

Part of the wall--you can walk on the wall around the whole city.

The church has this amazing woodcarving, completed in 1505. Many agree it's the best example of medieval woodcarving in the whole of Germany. The detail is incredible! If you're interested to read more about it, click the link HERE. The Last Supper (pictured below) has Judas at the foreground and he can be removed during the days before Easter. (Which they still do!)
Here's a shot from farther away. The thing is huge.

Incredible architecture all over town

Some of the cutest tourists in town!

One of the outer gates, leading to the main square.
 Jen got to open her gifts when we got back from our trip and ta-dah! A new bike! Yes, it's German spec. :) Thanks to Ellie for the great picture. Happy Birthday, August babies!

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b.niel said...

Happy Birthday to both girls! You don't seem to age, dear sister. You look wonderful.