Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A day of firsts

Being military where we move every few years, our family has seen lots of firsts (and lasts!). However, today was a first of another kind--a first for our oldest, who started American kindergarten. I know she has attended school for the past two years, but there's something about her taking the bus and being 25 min away from me that is different than me walking her down to our neighborhood kindergarten. They're getting so big!
Excited to start school!
Here comes the bus!
I'm thankful that I only have to say goodbye to one of my sweet girls today! Ellie started at the German kindergarten again today and she'll only be down the street for half the day. She's excited to see her friends again and, I think, to have a little freedom from her sister. I hope both girls realize the value of having a sister to play with at almost any time...especially as they now have that time severely limited!

Last first day of German kindergarten

Now if you'll excuse me, the third little girl is napping, so I'm going to have a quiet cup of coffee... :)

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