Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Kate!

Happy Birthday to our big 4 yr old girl! We had a great time celebrating this last weekend at the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart. It was the first time we'd made it there since we moved here and we're so glad we did. Despite the rain (torrential at times!) we had a great day.

The birthday girls at the zoo

A carousel that captured their attention for quite a while (understandably!)

We made it to the polar bear exhibit just in time for their feeding. It was amazing to see these huge bears jump in their lake! What a fun show. Here's how close we were.

Everyone was excited to find a bit of home at the zoo. Yes, these are California Redwoods. Kate even remembered seeing the grove in Big Basin, CA when we visited it last year. I think the Germans thought we were a little crazy to be so excited to see big trees. :)

This elephant was UN-believeable. He is trying to reach his trunk out to pick grass and is bracing his weight to keep from tumbling forward. He worked really hard!

On Tuesday (the 30th) we had Kate's cake and presents. Here are the girls on their special day.

The Rapunzel cake Kate asked for. She loved it! (NO, I definitely did not make it.)

Having some cake with Dad.

She opened this and her first response was, "Where's Rapunzel?" :) (It's Flynn, from the Disney movie "Tangled" if you have no idea what I"m talking about.) And Ellie, delightfully digging in to some presents for herself. (Thanks Gram and Pops and Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Al!)

All unwrapping ceased when she opened her Berenstain Bears books. (Thanks Gram and Pops!) She had to page through at least one before continuing. Yes, she is definitely a Luminati and a Minnery.

They both loved picking the matches out on your card, Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Stuart. :)

And her big gift from Mom and Dad....

We were a little concerned at how she'd react to getting a bike, but surprisingly she was thrilled. She took it out immediately and Jon helped her go up and down the street. She made Jon hold on to her neck (she INSISTED that he hold her neck, not her back) and declared she wanted to ride it everyday. Hurray!! Not much fear from her, and we're so happy. Ellie also took a turn on Kate's bike and was content to have Jon push her while she held up her feet. Fun times! Happy Birthday to our sweet and wonderful big girl!!

(Jen's celebration to come on Friday. Might as well spread out the fun, eh?) :)


Betsy said...

A trip to the zoo and a big girl bike for your birthday! Can't top that. Thrilled K loved her bike...can't wait to see her ride it. What great pics. That! See you soon, G+P

Nana said...

Oh, Kate, I'm so excited you got a bike. I love riding my bike and as a kid your age I loved having a bike. I can't wait to see you ride it. Maybe Mommy will take a video of you riding! I love that it is pink too!
What a great birthday and that elephant at the zoo was something else, amazing!

Grandpa Tom said...

From Grandpa Tom:

The Minnery presents will get there soon we hope (who'da guessed a month in the mail!

Congratulations Kate on your big day.

Shari Baker said...

I love the picture of Jen and Kate and the zoo! It's beautiful!