Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday Video

And here's a video to accompany the post below.


Betsy said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for bringing us along on this special day! Love, G+P

Nana said...

Hi everyone,
I sang along with you and helped Jen and Ellie blow out the candles! It was fun to be part of the birthday celebration for afar!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cake!! Yummy - did you make that cake mommy or did it come from a castle bakery?!!
Al & JoAnn

Erin said...

Oooohhjabooo! Sweet, sweet little girls!

Shari Baker said...

Happy 4th birthday, Jen! :) And Kate too. It's cute to see such personality differences in your two girls, even when coming to things like blowing out candles.