Monday, March 21, 2011


I am thrilled to announce that after much waiting, anticipation and disappointment, we now are back online. And we even have a (working) landline! Praise God. I will be updating the blog soon with what has been going on, but again, thank you to all of you for your prayers for us. Our rough transition continues as Kate now has a double ear infection, but thank God we were able to get her an appointment today and she has already started on medication. Jon is TDY but not too far, and Gram is here until Wednesday. Whew--typing all this has made me tired. :)


Blythe Owen Hunt said...

Good night, we are glad that you are back!! Thank you for the update--we will continue praying for all of you, but particularly everyone's health! I'm worried that with all the craziness, you and Jon might get sick! :(
We love you all so much and love being on this journey with you. I hope we can talk soon!

Tom said...

from Tom:

Nice to have all of you back online. We pray for everyone to be healthy at once, and for life to gain some normalcy.

Mom said...

Hurray, the JJLuminatis have surfaced and are blogging again soon. Wahooey, as Blythe would say! We're praying for Kate's ear infection and life to become routine with no health issues! We love you!