Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello! We are almost set up with our internet at our new house. It's been crazy to think that it seriously has taken our internet provider 20 days to set it up. If you think you are tired of not hearing from us...think of how frustrated we are! I am sitting with Gram Luminati and the kids here in the base library, using their internet. It's the first chance I've been able to get over here and get online since we moved out of the hotel on the 1st.

So a long post is coming, but I wanted to update you on a few things--first of all, Ellie's health. Thank you ALL for your prayers for her especially during this "blackout" time. Ellie ended up contracting pneumonia and was hospitalized for five days. This happened the day after we moved into our house and THE day our unaccompanied baggage was delivered. Jon's work was incredibly understanding and allowed him to stay home with Kate during the week Ellie was in the hospital b/c I mostly stayed with her there. The care was wonderful, though the language barrier was difficult at times.

Ellie was released on Sunday, Mar 5th, which was the day Gram Luminati arrived to help us. She was the representative sent by all four parents to be a helping hand to us, and she has been amazing. We know all four parents (and a particular aunt and uncle from CA) wanted to come and help us during our time of need, but unfortunately, not all could. So they sent Gram and we have been so thankful.

They tried to deliver our household goods while Ellie was in the hospital, but that was just too much for us. So we took delivery on Weds, Mar 8. And now we are settling into our new German house and are so thankful that everyone is healthy and that we're together under one roof. (And it's not the hospital roof!) Our internet and phone service will be turned on Mar 19 (Praise God!!) and we will again be connected to the world. Look for a posting this weekend...as Gram Luminati goes back home and Jon goes TDY for a week, starting Sunday. Whew! Never a dull moment.

Again, thank you SO much for your prayers for us during this rougher-than-expected transition. We have been blessed during this trial and God has (as always!) proved Himself faithful. More posting to come!


b.niel said...

oh NO! Poor Ellie and poor you guys! So happy Ellie is better and wow, I'm so sorry this has been so tough. We're still praying for you! love you!

Caitlin L said...

so glad to hear from you! Blythe updated us on Ellie and we prayed and prayed!! You're right, it's never a dull moment! Glad she's better!

Nana said...

Aunt Cheri told me that you had put a blog posting up and I can't wait until Sat. 19th to communicate with you again. PTL for Gram Luminati and for God's provision in so many ways. PTL for Ellie's improved health. We wish we could have been there too! But, I'm sure by now you are speaking German! God has thrown you into some challenging situations. But, He always can bring good out of it! We love you.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
We have been thinking lots about you. Hope Kate is feeling better and Ellie continues to be healthy! Wow, what a heckic timeyou have had. Just talked to Pops and told me Kate is sick and Grams was going to learn some more German for a few days. Hope you are all unpacked and are relaxing a little. Stay healthy and know that we love and miss you,
Al and JoAnn

Good Deal said...

Hey Luminatis! We've been thinking about you and I only just thought to check your blog today, since I don't think you've been on Facebook. Gosh, what a tough situation with Ellie, I'm glad it's behind you all. Hope you're all doing MUCH better.
--The Wagner Clan