Friday, January 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye

It's so hard to believe our time in Monterey is already over. Usually our assignments are 3-4 years, so when we found we'd be going to CA for just 15 months, it seemed like such a short time. But now, as we transition to our next assignment (that we are very excited about), we think back over our time in Monterey and thank God for how full, rich, and rewarding it was. Thank you to each of you who befriended us and spent time with us despite our short time to stay. What a wonderful group of friends we met and each of you will be missed! I couldn't possibly get a good picture of everyone, so here are some of our dear friends that we feel we are not leaving behind but are just entering a new stage of friendship.

Warning: Lots of pictures!

Jeff and Rachel and their sweet baby, who are our Germany gurus (having moved from Germany to Monterey). Thank you for your friendship and guidance!

Fellow OCF ladies at our Cookie Exchange. What a fun group you are--we miss you!

Julie, who fell in love with our kids. She is the sweetest lady--go say hi to her for us. She works at the bagel shop in Sand City.

My dear friend Hannah--what can I say? Thank God for you--you are such a blessing to me!

Not only were you a blessing, Hannah, but your kids were too. We already miss hanging out with you guys. Here's Ellie trying to hug Celia. (See-yah is how Ellie says it.)

And the older ones, of course! Such a good influence on each other. :)

My fellow Air Force wives, Cath and Stephanie. Thanks for the playdates and time together! It's hard to imagine us being further apart than we are now. (Well, once we get to Europe, that is.) Here's to hoping we'll get stationed near each other again.

My fellow PWOC board members. It has been such a blessing working together in PWOC. Thank you for your support and love! I definitely will miss being part of such a wonderful group.

We also leave some family behind in CA. Jon's Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Al, who were our family away from family. Thanks for hosting us, coming to see us, and being so interested and involved in our lives. We will miss being just a (semi-long) drive away. Love you!

JoAnn and Alan's daughter, Jennifer, one of Jon's cousins, who we also got to see before we moved. We're sorry we missed seeing Jen's husband, Gabe, but...

...we got to see their sweet boys and play with them one more time. The girls loved it.

Thank you, thank you. Most importantly, we thank the Lord for His provision for us in taking us to Monterey (when we didn't expect it) and for blessing us with such an amazing time of friendship, transition, school success (for Jon) and family growth. As we look toward our next adventure, we know that the experiences in Monterey will help prepare us for whatever is in store. And as we know Who orchestrates each adventure, we anticipate His blessings on us in what lies ahead. Be sure to join us--we'll definitely be keeping up the blog.


Hannah said...

Well...if I didn't shed that many tears before you left, they are coming down now. Great blog - you have touched many lives here also. Enjoy your time in CO!!

Dirkes Fam said...

The Dirkes family thanks God for your time in Monterey also. We are glad to know you and hope our paths cross again someday.

Shari Baker said...

Wow! God had blessed you so much with so many great people in your lives. You also have the ability to connect with people and get to know new people, which is a huge blessing with the transitions that you go through. I know that you will continue to meet and bless/be blessed by others in all of your changes ahead!