Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Luminatis. We had a nice, quiet Christmas here at home--except for the sickness part. Jon was sick Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and Jen followed suit on Christmas Day. Thankfully, I didn't get as sick as Jon, and we were able to take turns with naps and child-watching, so we made it through ok. But we don't have a ton of pictures of our day because we never got out of our pjs!

Here's the tree, set up and ready for unwrapping:

And Daddy (a few days later) with his girls. Kate is sporting one of her favorite gifts--a princess nightgown.

One tradition we've started in our house is making Jesus a birthday cake. Here are the girls helping me decorate it. (THAT was fun--they really enjoyed that part.)

And the finished product. They were pretty proud and even managed to get most of the decorations on the cake.

I really wanted to show you some video of our day and some other fun videos, but I realized the program I need to compress the video to make it small enough to download to the blog is on our OTHER computer--which is on its way to Germany. So I'll have to try to figure something out. That or I'll just have a ton of videos to publish once we get our computer back. We'll see. Anyway, keep checking back! Merry Christmas to you--we hope you had a wonderful season with family and friends, making sure to celebrate the real reason for Christmas--the birth of Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kate and Ellie,
What a beautiful Jesus Cake you both made with Mommy! A wonderful new tradition. We love this blog and are so grateful for the blessing of Jesus in all our lives and for His blessing to us of this precious family! PS, love that nightgown, Kate! Love, G+P

Shari Baker said...

I'm glad that you were able to have a nice Christmas despite the illness, and also glad that the kiddos did not get sick. Sometime, you should post something about all of the traditions that you have, as it seems that you all have a lot of traditions as a family! :)

Nana said...

I love the picture of you and Jon holding the girls in their Christmas dresses. What a great picture of all four of you! This will be a Christmas to remember. How great that Kate and Ellie realize that Christmas is the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Without Him this would be a pretty hopeless place. But, God loved us so much He gave us His son! Love,