Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

Tonight the girls and I were making a quick run to Target. Kate and I were discussing how she needs to stay where Mommy can see her because she can get lost. (She was in the shopping cart during this conversation.) I told her how worried I would be if I couldn't find her, that I'd be very scared if she got lost, etc. Then I stopped, looking over the shampoo. Kate says to me, Mommy, why don't you go and get lost in Target? I started, looked over at her and said what? She said, then I can come find you and you won't be scared.

Had to kiss her for that one.


Anonymous said...

The treasures and surprises that come from Kate to those around are so often truly amazing! What a great moment, Jen...what a sweet little girl! Love, G+P

Blythe said...

LOL!! That is making me laugh really hard, but it also warms my heart SO much!! What a darling treasure you have. <3