Friday, May 28, 2010

Dance Recital

Kate had her first dance recital last Thursday. It was fantastic! She's been taking "Tots 'N' Tights" for several months, but we didn't know what she'd do during the actual recital. As you can see in the video below, she did great. Her teacher, Miss Heidi, has infinite patience and love for the girls under her tutelage. What a joy it was to see our little girl doing her own thing for the first time. It's something I'll never forget! And thanks so much to Gram and Pops Luminati who were here to enjoy the show and entertain Ellie. I'll post more about their visit soon, but this is all about the recital. Great job, Kathryn!!

Miss Heidi, Kate, and Kate's friend, Eve at the last practice.

The banner on the stage.

Our little spider, getting ready for her debut.

Miss Heidi and most of the spiders after the show.

Here's the big show! Enjoy. :)


b.niel said...

oh, wow. that was unbelievable. i totally cried! she is that adorable! she moves her arms very prettily, when she decides to. :) thanks so much for posting, it makes being away from these beautiful girls a little less hard! love you all!

Brent, Lori and Elli said...

So sweet. Loved watching this. Elli will have her first recital in June. Tears.

Nana said...

What an adorable performance. Kate, you did such a good job. Thumbs up to you!!! We are so proud of you. And how wonderful that Gram and Pops could be there and Mom or Dad had free arms to take a video which you shared with us. Thanks so much. We loved seeing your recital on video. Gooooood job!! We love you.

Grandpa Tom said...

from Grandpa Tom:

Thanks so much for putting up this video. It made us believe we were a little closer to the big event than we possibly could have felt without. You are treasuring these moments, and they indeed are treasures for a lifetime.

scarlet said...

yay kate!

Anonymous said...

Hello to all, I sure am having trouble getting comments to show up. m I must be doing something wrong. We cannot tell you what a deep joy and what fun it was to see Kate participate in her recital! Her own sweet personality shown through and each moment was darling, even her 2 trips to the edge of the stage and then quickly going back to find her spot and pick up where she left off. Being a part of this was a thrill. We loved every moment of our visit! Love, G+P

Riley Minnery said...

Love You Kate and Ellie!!! I miss You! p.s. That video was so cute did you notice that every time her teacher looked at her she started doing all the moves?It was adorable! LOVE YOU,

Kate,Ellie,Aunt Jen and Uncle Jon
Cousin Riley Minnery