Monday, December 21, 2009

Moving Day!

Moving day for the two sisters, that is! Ellie and Kate. We are thrilled that Ellie is finally sleeping so well at night that we think we can move her back into the "girls'" room. What we didn't expect is how excited Kate is. We've been mentioning it to her off and on, trying to get her adjusted to the idea, and she keeps saying she wants her "little sis" in her room with her. So we said ok!

Here's Ellie, taking it all in from her vantage point.

Daddy and Kate, getting the crib ready to move from the guest room to the girls' room.

Kate, anxiously awaiting her new roommate.

Ta-da! There they are, roommates for the rest of their childhood. Just kidding.
They've been in the same room for several days now and it's gone better than we could have hoped. Thanks, Lord! Kate loves having Ellie in her room and anxiously awaits Ellie's nightly entrance, after the final bottle. It's so fun--you'll have to come visit us and see, especially since now you won't have to share our guest room with Ellie.


beth and melinda said...

yes! get me on a plane yesterday!!!

Anonymous said...

Hoorah!!! Sisters together. So glad that Kate is so excited about Ellie's arrival. Great photos and such a fun event. Such a relief to have that accomplished. Thanks for sharing the fun with us. Love, Gram + Pops

Anonymous said...

PS...absoultely love that Christmas dress cute! Kate just loves dresses. G+P

b.niel said...

so great! Did we ever share a room? If we did, I don't remember. How I wish we were closer now! Love you all!

ps. what's that big frog thing?

Jon Luminati said...

The frog thing is a humidifier. Kate has had some problems with croup and it's helped quite a bit.

Shari Baker said...

Who wouldn't want to share a room with Ellie? She is so sweet! :)

Jen Luminati said...

I totally agree, Shari! :) And Beth, we did share a room in Il. I don't remember our exact ages, but I used to read by the light of our nightlight after you went to bed.

Anonymous said...

You did it - you made the move! Good job, girls. I love the Merry Christmas picture with the red dresses. Those girls are so cute!
Merry Christmas,
Al and JoAnn