Sunday, December 13, 2009

7 months

Our little Ellie Bells is 7 months old today. What a blessing she is! As my mother in law says, Ellie's just happy to come along. Her curiosity knows no bounds, and if she gets her little fingers around something (a toy, mommy's hair, etc) it's a struggle to free it again. Everything captures her attention and she loves to watch her sister move around. Her newest skill is sitting alone, which she loves to do until she's tired of it and throws herself backward. It's a joy going to get her up from her nap or in the morning because she's already smiling at me, ready for wherever we're headed next. She still takes 4 bottles a day, usually 7-8 oz each, but babyfood is a harder sell. She's more interested in sucking on her bib than eating food. But still we try! She also is stiffining her body while on her belly and is making the first motions toward crawling, but no movement yet. It won't be long, though. Another event on the horizon is moving her crib into Kate's room and the sisters will share. That will be an interesting adventure!

Instead of pictures, I thought I'd share a video. Ellie says Merry Christmas to you!

P.S. Yes, the wrapping paper came off Little Miss Grabby Fingers' left hand as soon as I turned off the video. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a wonderful treat to watch Ellie open her Bethlehem book! And, with Kate and Daddy. What fun. Happy 7 month birthday sweet Elliana! How we love you and what a SWEET, curious and endearing personality you have. Thank you so much for sharing these great photos and a video, too! Love the braids, Kate. Love to the moon and back...Gram + Pops

beth and melinda said...

love it!!!!!!

Shari Baker said...

Um, isn't it a little early for opening presents? Probably your family tradition?! :)

Riley said...

God Bless you guys. I loved the video! Merry Christmas.