Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank you, thank you!

Most of you know what moving around is like. Some of you have even done it with kids in tow. While growing up, we moved four times (Courtney, I know you TOTALLY have me beat on that one! :)) and since Jon and I got married we've moved three times. This summer's move is the fourth, but it's the first with kids. And not just one kid but two. Wow, are things different with kids! Certainly not bad, but definitely different. There's just so much STUFF one accumulates, despite the ritural pitching before (and after) a move.

Well, about a week after we received our household goods, both my mom and my mother in law came to help us settle in. What a tremendous blessing they were!! (And are, of course.) At first I thought I wouldn't have enough things for them to do to keep them busy, but that was hardly the case once I started on my to-do list. Since we have such a small (and at that time very messy) house, they stayed at the Navy Lodge on the Naval Post Grad school, so every morning Kate would excitedly await their arrival. Oh how delighted she was when she saw the car pull into the drive! Then the real work would start. Both moms dove in with both feet. During the week they were here they emptied boxes, packed the storage shed, sorted china, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, watched kids, ran errands, bought groceries, made dinner, ran to Wal-Mart, moved furniture, organized our HUGE bathroom/linen closet, did laundry, washed windows, lined cabinets with shelf paper, sorted books, babysat, went with both girls and me to the doctor, took us to dinner, sorted baby/kid clothes, and a ton of other large and small things. And all of these jobs they completed with a smile on their face and a request for more to do. It was phenemonal!

Oh, and I also let them out for a little fun too. We went to Fisherman's Wharf and saw the shops, otters, and sea lions. We even got to spend a little time at the beach--since I let them out for good behavior. :) I had no idea how much there was to accomplish and only after they came and began the sorting frenzy did I realize how much I would NEVER have accomplished without their help. Thank you thank you to the best two moms in the world! We SO appreciated your selflessness and servant's hearts while you were here. We miss you and can't wait for you to come back. (Though I promise there will be less work and more play next time.)


Anonymous said...

Oh my, you are all more than welcome...it was a DELIGHT to come and a JOY to help. To see Kate dancing behind those glass doors each morning was pure sweetness and Ellie would just grin from ear to ear whenever we passed her path! To be with the 4 of you AND my best Deb-in-law, too, was the greatest. There is no greater pleasure than giving to and being with those who are so dear. Pops and Grandpa were missed, but it was wonderful! Love to all of you...Mom/Gram

b.niel said...

that's great, moms! they are the best. love the matching shirt! and mom M, you look SKINNY! In a good way!

Shari Baker said...

That's awesome! It is so great that both moms get along so well. How cute are they in their matching shirts! :)

Anonymous said...

What fun those two grandmas must have had. What a blessing - 2 mother-in-laws, same week, working together and nobody got hurt! This is not your typical family deal!!
I love these pictures.