Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 5 month Birthday, Ellie!

Five months already! This child is such a trooper. We have been in our permanent home for almost a month now and she is still happy, excited and sweet. She has begun to blow bubbles and eat rice cereal (usually at the same time) and she loves discovering toys in her exersaucer. We're realizing that she's a definite people person and really enjoys being around us and seeing her big sis. What fun she is! We're still working on the sleeping through the night issues, but as for now she goes (consistently) 6-8 hrs without waking and still feeds only once between 7 and 7. Wahoo! Way to go, Ellie. And I think this is the first month in your life that you've gone without sleeping in a closet. Congratulations, Ellie! We love you. :)
Ellie and Grandpa

Turning on the charm for Uncle Evan...or not.

Loving our new beach lifestyle here in CA. Actually, Ellie loves being in the Bjorn while on the beach. She never complains and is so relaxed as we walk up and down. There's definitely some beach-loving-blood in her, right Gram?

Two of her favorite things: drooling and smiling.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Five months already! She is such a doll. And she sure is a people person! And, Gram would say, will be a beach girl! Love ALL the photos...great photos of Ellie w/ fam and love the one of Miss Kate in the rain!! Thank you so much for making so many happy moments in our lives w/ this great blog! Love to all, Gram + Pops...who can't wait to get his chance to get to CA!

Shari Baker said...

That is one stylish baby! Love the sunglasses! She looks so happy and content (most of the time). :)

b.niel said...

thanks for the update! soooooo cute! and of course i love when uncle evan makes an appearance. love you guys!

Nana said...

Congrats, Ellie, 5 months and still charming the folks. You've been such a traveler since you were born it's good to hear you are settling down in one place! The photos are great and we had such a great time helping set up the household. Thanks for inviting us! The picture of Ellie in her exersaucer looks like she has a jellyfish stuck to her head. Although I thought they were purple! Ha! Great picts! Much love.

beth and melinda said...

awww--I mii you guys

Anonymous said...

Love the new famoly photo by the sea! Fills up my ocean loving soul. So delighted you have this opportunity to live in this place. Time will fly by...enjoy. Love, to Mr Moon and back... Gram + Pops