Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy 3 month birthday, Ellie!

Happy three month birthday (one day late :)) to our sweet, smiley, Elliana. She is such a blessing in our lives! What a content, mellow and happy baby she is. I can't believe she's three months already. Where has the time gone? And to think, she's lived in four different places (and two closets) since she's been born. And thanks to our friend Lacey, she is now sleeping longer through the night! If only she could have told me, Mom, I'm cold! Last night she slept 9 hours and we were all thrilled. We love you, sweet Ellie. Thank you for the joy you bring to our lives.

At the Yohos on the big day.

Hanging out with the playgroup babies. L to R: Lucy, Zachary, Ellie, Anna.

Smiling with Elizabeth Yoho.

Being held by Abigail Yoho.

Last but not least, posing with big sis. Of course, it has to be the stare-y baby shot. But isn't she cute anyway?


Angela said...

Wow! Three months already! Time is flying! I am so glad you were blessed with happy, mellow girl! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos! How CAN Elliana be so grown up already! So thrilled you are able to be at the Yohos...what a gift. Pops will LOVE all these photos when he gets home. We CANNOT wait til you all get here!! What joy will fill the Luminati/Minnery homes! Love to you all...Gram + Pops

beth and melinda said...

so cute!

Nana said...

Baby Ellie slept 9 hours through the night. She was cold? How did Lacey know that? Isn't it wonderful to have such experienced moms helping you out! Those pictures of all of the kids are great. Won't you miss the Yohos! What great friends they are to you. Ellie looks so big and she is so expressive. Kate continues tocbe so cute. We can't wait to see you in little more than a week!
Much love,

Shari Baker said...

Ooh ja booo! (Hopefully I didn't steal Blythe's comment). How cute is she! :)


Anonymous said...

These girls are adorable!! They both have changed so much. Time is going too quickly! Enjoy your trip- be safe- lots of prayers coming your way. I know there are some excited grandparents waiting to see you all.
U. Al and A. JoAnn