Thursday, February 5, 2009

More pictures of Kate

I went in to Jon's photo stash and grabbed some of his pictures to share with you.

The girl loves her bath.

Playing with mom and dad at the park.

Looking for an errant ball!

Somebody get me outta here...I'm ready to play!


Anonymous said...

What GREAT photos of such a sweetie! This is such a happy girl, it is just a JOY to see her just doin' life! Thank you so much for sharing...we can't WAIT to get there! Buckets of love to all 4 of you...Gram and the Ice Cream Man!

Anonymous said...

Just went back to look again and had missed the side photo of Mom and Pip! Wow! You are really different from that small tummy with Baby Lums! Has Daddy felt the Pip move yet? Coming to give her a squeeze, too! Love, Gram + Pops

Beth and Melinda said...

Such sweet pics!

Shari Baker said...

Kate is such a cutie! She looks so happy, and has such a winning smile! :)

scarlet said...

it's just too bad you don't have a cute kid

Meagan said...

Great pictures!!