Monday, February 9, 2009

Growing Up

I must say we are exceedingly blessed that Kate has always been a good sleeper. She started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks and really hasn't looked back. Also, she hasn't really been sick. I don't know where she gets her sturdy constitution, but I am so thankful for it!

Well, this last weekend was the exception to both situations mentioned above. On Thursday and Friday she threw up, and was really not feeling herself. This rolled into a runny nose and a bit of a cough, which she seems to be getting over. However, the real problem came last night. She didn't nap well during the day so we put her to bed a little early. She fell right to sleep only to wake up crying about an hour later. Usually when she cries we let her settle herself back to sleep (which she has no problem with) but since we knew she wasn't feeling that great, we went up to check on her. Poor girl! Tears and snot covered her face as she, crying, reached for us over her crib rails. She couldn't sleep because as a thumb sucker, she couldn't suck her thumb with her nose so stuffy. We wiped her face and tried comforting her back to sleep while holding her but she just cried. Then I held and rocked her for a while and she calmed down almost to the point of sleep.

Now if you're a parent (or if you've ever babysat) you know the situation: baby has been fussy. You are holding the baby in a dark room. Baby seems to be asleep. Now to transfer said baby from you to place of sleeping without awaking baby and starting process all over again. Hmmm. I got up out of the rocking chair ok and gently placed her in her crib. She roused a little but didn't cry. I started patting her back and she settled right down. Then I noticed the bathroom light was still on. I raced over, turned it off, and ran back to her, trying to get back before she realized I was gone. She began whimpering but soothed when I started patting her back again. Now the REAL issue stands before me: the bedroom door. It was shut. Unfortunately, some of our doors don't close all the way (or latch) and this is one of them. It must be wedged into the jamb to close and you have to pull it to open. Kate is exquisitely attuned to the sticking of the door and it can awake her from a dead sleep. I didn't know what to do but try. I stopped patting her, waited a moment, and snuck up to the door. CREAK. Immediately I had crying baby again. Sigh. Back to holding and rocking Kate before her poor nose fills up again.

Fast forward 1/2 hour. Kate is not sleeping and doesn't seem to be getting any closer to sleep. She's asking for books. She's asking for water. She's asking to pray. Sigh. She finally looks up at me and I say to her:
"Are you ready for night-night?"
"Are you ready to go night-night in your crib with Puddles?" (her duck) (Just to make sure she knew what I was asking.)
"Ok. Let's pray. [short prayer] Give mommy a kiss?"
(Kisses me)

I lay her down in the crib and cover her with her blanket, saying "Night-night."

Not a peep comes from the babe as I leave the room. I guess she was trying to tell me to get out of there, she was tired and wanted to sleep. I should have asked sooner!


Beth and Melinda said...

miss independent...?
Uh--mom, trying to sleep here :)

Anonymous said...

Great story...great job, Jen. That thumb/breathing thing is really important. We wish we could have seen her answering those sweet questions. Amazing she went easily off the second time! Yeah!! She does love her rest. LOVE the photo w/ the little pig tails, but she looks sooooo grown up! Adorable. See you in a few days! Love, Gram + Pops

Anonymous said...

This baby girl is too good to believe!! Bless her heart! Not to worry about baby II - Kate is going to keep her on a straight and narrow line. She'll show her the way!!
Aunt JoAnn

Nana and Grandpa said...

You bring back such memories of times with you or Dave or Beth when you were not sleeping as usual. It's such a tough thing to work through. But, you survived and all is well. The piggy tails are so cute. She looks so grown up! I love the picture. Thanks for sharing these times with us. It keeps us close to you and close to the ways Kate is developing. We love it!

Brent, Lori and Elli said...

Good story. Way too familiar, especially after last night with puking Elli.

Lauren said...

So there! My kids had the same thing last week and now have the cold symptoms. Matt was great and took care of both of them. I don't do puke. Stephen told Matt the other morning when he woke up that "My nose isn't open."

Stephen is an independent sleeper and always has been. Eleanor is a snuggler and I have embraced it. I have realized she won't always be, so I am much less strict the second time around!

scarlet said...

oh my gosh, i HATE those nights! hope she feels much better very soon. if you don't have a vaporizer in her room, i strongly suggest one.