Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer Fun

This week, Kate had a fun adventure. We went with some friends to the water park in Manassas. The neat thing about this park is there is an entire (large) section for for toddlers where the water is no deeper than one foot. They have slides, large play animals that spout water, and little geysers near the zero depth entry point. There's also a large fort-like section for a little bit older kids. What a novel idea! It was the neatest pool for kids I'd been to since I visited the Boline's pool in MD.

Of course, as soon as we got there it started raining, but fortunately we got a spot under a big umbrella so we stayed mostly dry. The sun came out about 15 min later, and by the time we were ready to leave it was so humid that we were wishing for the rain again. Kate loved being in the water, and when I held her hands so she could walk in the pool, she kept churning her legs like she was riding a bike. So funny! At one point when we were playing in the zero depth entry point, I had the camera and was trying to take some pictures. She started crawing away toward the deeper water (as you saw in a previous post she crawls fast!) so I had to shove the camera back in the case and lunge after her. We also went down a slide together but she wasn't a big fan of that. All in all, it was a great day and we had good fun! Thanks to Wendy, Drew, Jennifer and Gavin for joining us.

Even though Gavin and Kate aren't looking at the camera, you can tell they're smiling!Wendy and her son, Drew.Jennifer and her son, Gavin.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Just as we decided we were ready to go, the lifeguards came around saying the pool was closed for an hour. Then, just as we finished packing up to go, they came around saying the pool was now closed for the rest of the day. I'm sure we didn't want to know WHY the pool was closing early...but the timing was perfect.


Anonymous said...

What a FUN day for you all!! How can this child grow so fast?? Looks like a great place to visit and chill! Thanks for the terrific photos. LOVE the sleeping baby! Blessings, Gram

Beth said...

how fun. I understand Kate is very modest and doesn't like to wear her bikini to the water park. That's ok, her one piece is super cute too. :) thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I'm your cousin Riley. Remember me? I love the video where you crawled. And Aunt Jen had the video camera. I hope you had a fun time and I hope to see you soon. Love, your cousin Riley

Anonymous said...

Hi Swimmer Kate and Mama,
What a super fun day at the pool you had. Who thinks up these creative water areas? Aren't you glad someone does! Riley and Grandpa and myself had a fun day today at "ITZ". It is not a water park, but it has super fun things to do. That sleeping baby pose is adorable. We are going to try and see you on the web cam tomorrow before Riley goes home! Watch for us!
Love, Nana and Riley