Tuesday, August 5, 2008


After months of THINKING they were coming, one is actually here. Yes, Kate has her first tooth. Well, you can't actually see it yet, but you can certainly feel it on the bottom right. She doesn't like for anyone to check it out--I don't blame her. Who wants someone sticking random fingers in their mouth? But that makes it hard to determine if there's another one or if this pearly white will be solo for awhile yet. Anyway, as soon as it breaks through for all to see, I'm sure you'll see it on a post. For now, here are a few recent pictures.

She found the back door and got excited. "There are people out there!"

"Yummy...yogurt and fruit! Now please let me try to feed myself."


Anonymous said...

What a WONDERFUL wake up! A tooth! How quickly Kate is now changing, growing and discovering her world! What a delight. Pops will be sooo excited to see her and her Mommy + Daddy next week! Gram will be pretty jealous! Thanks for the new pics! Love, Gram

Mrs_Scotsman said...

I used Hyland's homeopathic teething tablets with Bekah. I think Shelly W. recommended them to me. They helped Bekah alot.

Lacey said...

Before you know it whe will have the dorr open adn she will be greeting those people!!

Erin said...

Woohoo! Congratulations, little Kate. It's a great big world of solid foods to chew on for you, now.