Sunday, June 22, 2008

We're back!

What a great trip we had in Colorado! It went by so fast, now that it's over. Everyone enjoyed spending lots of time together (Minnerys and Luminatis) and it was great seeing everyone on a regular basis instead of just at Christmas! Also, I forgot how beautiful Colorado is in the spring/early summer. Wow! We'll be updating more as we get settled back in, but here are just a few of the fun highlights of our trip.

It's not a trip to CO without a picture of the arrival at the airport.

We were so happy to see Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Al all the way from CA. We missed the rest of the Mauser family, though.
And the Winters came to visit us all the way from Oregon. What a blessing it was to see you guys again, and of course, to meet Joey. (see next pic)

Kate got to spend good time with Great Gramie and Great Papa. Here they are celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary. We love you!
Nana and Grandpa Minnery

Gram and Pops Luminati
Of course, the long-anticipated trip to the Zoo. We had a great time!
Thanks to Dave and Riley for coming down to visit us while we were there.
What a joy to meet little Cora Wetherby--she's such a sweetie!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great time. I was begining to think you forgot all of us out there who keep track of you throught the blog. What great pictures. Kate is really growing . Looks like she is going to be a bird watcher.
Glad you are back.
Love Ya Aunt Cindy

Beth said...

what awesome pictures! so glad you guys had fun and i cannot WAIT to get my hands on the baby girl in a couple weeks! love you guys! and miss you very much.

Erin said...

Looks like a wonderful, busy, fun-filled trip! Glad you are home safely. And glad you're posting again! That was a long stretch with no Luminati news!

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! Just arrived back from camping and ran to the computer anticipating photos. No disappointment! Terrific photos...wonderful, blessed time. So many precious memories built! Thank you 3 so much for coming...we loved every minute! See you at the lake...Gram and Pops

scarlet said...

yeah! babes made the blog!!!