Friday, May 2, 2008


As you can imagine, we're racking up lots of pictures of our sweet girl. Along with those great smiles and cute grins, we're collecting snapshots that aren't so great. I realize now that she is fascinated with the lights on the camera and she is even anticipating the flash. When she does that, we get pictures like this:

And this:

But I really have to share the great shots I took this afternoon while making more baby food. Kate was sitting on the counter nearby (safely in a seat...don't worry Gram :)) and I gave her a green bean to occupy those busy little fingers. Here are the results of the green bean photo shoot:

All I wanted to capture was her interaction with a brand new food, the green bean. Who knew it would turn into those pictures we'll pull out to show her prom date in about 17 years.

Here's the best I could do:


Beth said...

oh my gosh. i almost peed my pants laughing. those are the funniest pictures ever!! she is totally her special mother's special daughter.

Anonymous said...

What a riot!! An afternoon adventure w/ Mom! Great fun! Great shots, Jen! Love the new family photo, too!! Looks like she will like green beans! Thank you for keeping us in your home! It means soooo much to us. Sending hugs and love, Gram + Pop

Blythe said...

well, I, for one, have nevah seen such a cutie green bean eater in my LIFE!!! even with a green bean hanging out of mouth, she is still just gorgeous! :)

Erin said...

Okay, I love that you posted those special photos of your baby. And Blythe is so right - Kate is gorgeous no matter what she has hanging out of her mouth!

Mom M. said...

The green bean pictures. How colorful! At first I wondered if Kate had swallowed a worm, but upon closer observation I recognize the green bean. I'm sure she is going to love that vegetable. When are you going to give up on the veggies? Remember, Kate might really take after her father. What fun. She will definitely appreciate these pictures when shared with her date in high school. Love, Mom M.

timothy and meagan said...

so precious!