Friday, March 7, 2008

To Great-Grandma's house we go

Earlier this month, Kate and I were able to go visit my Grandma Doris. It was great to see some family and celebrate the soon-to-be new baby for my cousin Clay and his wife Amber. Another fun part was most people hadn't met Kate yet, so she was inundated with family members and was even able to spend some good time with her Nana. Unfortunately, my mom took some of the best pictures, so these are some of the best from the few that I took. Enjoy!

Great Grandma Doris

Cousin Kelsey and Aunt June (great face, Kate)

Cousin Nate and his fiancee, Molly.

Four generations
Kate, Grandma Doris, mom, and two of my aunts: Cindy and Dawn


Anonymous said...

What a fun time we had! Mom, thanks for hosting all of us and doing that at 83 years of age!! Amazing!! (And notice I said 83 instead of 84 even though Mom becomes 84 on April 3rd!) Thanks so much Jen and Kate for coming to Ohio. How special for us when we get to be part of a family get-together. It happens too seldom! (But, we did miss the family members who couldn't be part of this celebration!) Love, Nana

Beth said...

great pictures! so fun. thanks for posting. I check faithfully every day and it always makes my day to see a new post.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Thanks for sharing such great pix of the family gathering in Ohio!!! What a fun time to all be together. Kate is growing so fast!! So glad she finally got to meet her Great Grandma and so many other members of the family. We, like Beth, check every day and love all the posts...even when its the same for a few days. Makes our day! Love to all...Gram + Pops

Anonymous said...

You did a great job with the pictures!!!! It was so good seeing you and meeting Kate. She is sure a sweetie! I am so glad it was last weekend and not this one' I am sure mom would agree. I agree with Nana, Grandma Doris did well with all of us there!
Aunt CIndy