Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fun February Pictures

By popular demand, here are some updated pictures of Jon, me and--the person you really want to see--Kathryn!

The birthday pie. Congrats, Jon! (Sadly, it's not as pretty as the Thanksgiving pie, but it's made with love.)

Kate with a death grip on her ring. No teeth yet but we like to keep saying they're on the way. Technically, aren't baby teeth always on the way?

I'm happy, but she's rather unimpressed. :)

Here's a great one that Daddy took. Happy baby!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Photos!! Our hearts fill up and we LOVE seeing all of you! How can our sweet baby boy be 32??? Love every picture...you are all such a blessing. Happy day...Gram + Pops

Beth said...

awesome pictures! that one of you and kate is SOOO funny. thanks for posting.

Christina said...

I love the picture of Kate, but I also love the pictures of my Jennery :)

Brent, Lori and Elli said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I feel like we can stay connected even though we are so far apart. Thank you for sharing such great pictures. It is nice to see you in there sometimes too!

Caitlin L said...

finally, pictures! She is SO cutie and I love those big red cheeks! What a sweet pea!

Beth said...

do the mom and dad minnerys ever read your blog? they don't comment. what's with that?