Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Suprise, Time for Induction!

Jen went in for fetal monitoring this afternoon while Jon was at work. Everyone figured it would just be another session without incident. But it turned out Jen was just beginning to have some light contractions. During each contraction, the baby's heart rate dipped a little, so the OB decided to induce. Jon rushed to Bethesda through DC traffic, while Jen started an IV and a Pitocin drip to induce labor. The first few hours when slowly, but once Jen hit 4cm, things really speeded up. The contractions became very frequent and painful. After a few hours, Jen got to meet her new best friend, the anesthesiologist, who gave her an epidural. A couple of minutes later, labor was a whole different experience. The photo shows Jen a few minutes after receiving the epidural (You can tell by the smile). From there, things went pretty fast. In just another couple of hours she was dialated to 10cm and pushing.

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