Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nana Comes to Visit

Nana has come to visit, and what a great help she is! Busy bustling and cleaning and diaper-changing and cooking and's wonderful. Now when we have to awake the sleeping babe to feed her, Nana is right there to help rouse her and get her ready to eat. She also helped us realize that we really weren't clothing our child--we had gotten used to swaddling her in two blankets while she wears her diaper and leaving it at that. So Nana comments, do you ever clothe this child? Oh, we said, I guess we don't! So now we're starting to put to good use all the cute little outfits we received as gifts. Actually, Kate is finally getting big enough to wear newborn clothes. So we're having a great time sharing the fun jobs of taking care of the baby and Nana is picking up all the slack in the household jobs. Hurray! Thanks, Nana!

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Caitlin L said...

Yeah! I love the new blog! What a gorgeous daughter you have, I am so glad everyone is well and healthy!