Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Parents Arrive

By coming on August 30th, Kate ensured she would be the center of attention on what was supposed to be a weekend focused on her Mom & Dad (I guess we'd better get used to that). Since Jon was scheduled to pin-on Major on Aug 31st, all four parents were flying in on the 30th for that celebration as well as Jen's 30th b-day on Aug 30. Little did they know they'd get to meet little Kate instead. Landed at Dulles airport that afternoon, borrowed the Waider's car, and drove to the hospital. The Luminati grandparents cried, while the Minnery grandparents laughed at the Luminati grandparents (some things never change). After about two hours, one of the grandparents remebered to wish Jen a happy birthday, thus proving Jen's theory that she'd be taking a back seat on her b-day from now on.

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Christina said...

I'm sorry but that made me laugh about the Luminati's crying and the Minnery's laughing at the Luminati's. I've met the Luminatis one time and they were crying :)
It is so interesting how we handle moments of high emotion--my immediate reaction is to cry as well.