Friday, August 9, 2013

Tschuss, kindergarten!

First Day, Oct 2011 (4 yrs)

Laternelaufen (Lantern Walk) Nov, 2011

Christmas Program (Dec 2012)
Walking to kindy when it's 3 (F) outside. (Jan 2012)
Fasching (Feb 2012)

Ellie joined the kindy crew (outside the kindergarten May 2012)
Our wonderful friend, Isabel, whom we met at kindergarten (June 2012)

Adventssingen (Christmas 2012)
Giving her speech on America (July 2013)

Taking #717 to Sindelfingen to work on the schulkindern project. Schulkinder are the children who will "graudate" from the kindergarten at the end of the year (August 2013)

Sabina, the artist who helped the schulkinder with their "Ton Macht Ton" project

Ton Macht Ton (Sound makes sound) is the title of the schulkindern project. Here they are in Sindelfingen talking to a newspaper reporter about their project through the kindergarten.

The "Ton Macht Ton" presentation at the altenheim (senior living home in our town)

The ton instruments the schulkinder (and others) made for the presentation

Ellie and her best bud from the kindy


Passing around snacks after the presentation

Preparing for Rauschmiss (the official "tossing" of the schulkinder from the kindergarten). This is done when the children are old enough to go to the grundschule (primary school), which happens at 6 yrs of age.
The schulkinder from Kate's group, along with their teachers.

Giving their present of a painted birdhouse to their teachers and the school.

When we moved here, we knew we wanted our kids to attend a German kindergarten. What we didn't know is that God prepared the perfect place for them. We are so incredibly grateful to these wonderful women who have loved and cared for our precious Kate for the past two years. Thank goodness Ellie will still be at the will be hard to say goodbye to such special people. They helped turn our Kate into a talkative, German-speaking, ready-to-share-my-opinion girl who looks at new situations and doesn't shy away from them. Words can not express our gratitude!
Thank you, thank you Heidi!!

Thank you, thank you, Hanna!!

Thank you, Kevin!!

Thank you, thank yo Petra!!
Way to go, Kate!! We love you so much and are so proud of you for all your hard work at learning German, getting to know the kids and teachers at your school, and blossoming from a little four-year old into an oh-so-grown-up almost six year old. Stop growing so quickly! Daddy and I really need to learn more German because when you and Ellie talk together, we don't know what you're saying! :)

Our schulkind, ready to start American kindergarten next month.
( I apologize for the lack of videos--I do have two I wanted to show, but am having trouble uploading. I'll try again with another post soon. Thanks!)

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Nana said...

Congratulations, Kate. What a great experience you time was at kindy. We're so proud of you! You are growing into such a great kiddo!! We love you!