Sunday, June 23, 2013

9 Month Baby!

We're taking a short break from the Italy pictures to celebrate our 9 month baby!

What a month of change it's been. When she turned 8 months, we were still in Cinque Terre, and Miranda was an angel baby during the day and an evil twin at night. Seriously, she would scream for an hour (inconsolable) and after that, she'd wake up 4 or 5 times each night, wanting to nurse, being upset, etc. It was horrible! But during the day, while we were sightseeing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings, she was perfect. Even with no nap during the day (or minimal nap) she was a smiley, happy, adorable baby.

So we'll chalk it up to gaining weight, being out of the "norm" and growing. This month she has gone from a cranky (at night) baby back to her sweet, adorable self. At the start of the month, she was nursing 6 times a day, eating regular food 1 to 2 times a day and taking three naps, while waking 1-2 times a night.  Now she sleeps almost 12 hours (with NO waking, at least for one week :)), takes two naps (usually), nurses 4 times a day, and eats three meals a day. She's started on puffs, and can feed a few of them to herself. At 28 1/2 inches, she is the longest of our three sweeties (for 9 months), and she is definitely the most relaxed. She loves to be around people (still) and smiles at everyone. Her curiosity is limitless and she is endlessly entertained by toys, faces, cords, her sisters toys, etc. She's rolling up a storm (she often rolls across the floor and gets herself stuck next to the wall), but isn't crawling yet. People don't believe us that her evil twin came on vacation with us, and we are thrilled that evil twin stayed in Italy. :)

Happy 9 month birthday, Miranda Joy! You are indeed a joy to our whole family and we are loving watching you grow.
Sweet zebra outfit from adoring family :)

Growing so big!


Nana said...

Happy 9th month, Miranda. You are growing so big and I can't wait to be there with you in person. There are a few months to go yet, but we're already thinking about the time with all of you. What a great smile she has! And what a blessing the evil twin stayed in Italy!

Nana said...

Miranda's 9 month pic on the side looks so much like the early pictures of Kate!

b.niel said...

how sweet! those 3rd kids are just the best. :) she's so big!