Monday, April 8, 2013

Frohe Ostern!

He is Risen! We are so thankful for another Easter to celebrate our risen Lord Jesus. What a wonderful reminder of His love for us!
Although spring has been slow in coming, we're beginning to thaw out over here in Germany. Take a look at this icicle we pulled down from our house just three days before Easter:

Trying to stay cheerful despite the gray, chilly, and cloudy days.
 We decorated our eggs German-style this year. So no Paas for us! It was a lot of fun with the egg dye and the colors of our eggs are just brilliant! In fact, Jen had more fun than the kids....:)

Jen bought these eggs pre-dyed at the German store. Beautiful!
And these came as a gift from our landlords. They dye eggs with onions (?) each year.
 Unfortunately, our little Ellie was very sick. She came down with a fever just the day before Easter, so spent her special day on the couch. Here are all three girls in their "Easter finery."
Lots of "ooooohs" and "ahhhhhs" for this sweetie and her first Easter dress.
Kate was healthy, though, so she got to have the Easter egg hunt with our neighbors. This is the second year we've had an egg hunt in our town's park. It was cold and dreary, but the kids had a great time.
Preparing to start

Some are more ready than others. :)

Just because you see an egg first doesn't necessarily mean you'll get it in your basket first.

Let's see those eggs!
Bunny ears

As Miranda nears the seven month mark, she's having a lot of firsts. She can just about sit up on her own, she's starting solid foods, and she has her first tooth! Right now her favorite food is sweet potatoes, but she seems to be pretty easy-going about her food. Which is no surprise because she has such an easy-going attitude. And we are so thankful that a few weeks of numerous night-wakings on her part turned out to be just teething. Whew! Thanks for sharing our Easter pictures with us--happy spring!


b.niel said...

hooray! beautiful eggs and beautiful girls. Hope Ellie's feeling better and the weather is nicer! love you guys!

Nana said...

Those eggs are beautiful. Good job! And those from the landlords are so different. I'm sorry Ellie was sick, but she still got to be part of the fun. I love the basket Kate has when the kids were gathering eggs. It's so much better than a walmart bag! HA! He is risen indeed!