Thursday, February 21, 2013

Congratulations, Jon!

It's been such a fun month to celebrate Jon! The first event was his promotion on the 4th of February. It was wonderful to see the coworkers and friends who came to support him as he pinned on his new rank. It was also fun to watch the girls see Daddy get some well-deserved kudos. We wish we could have shared this event with our family as well, but thank you to those of you who were able to come and support Jon!
General Schissler talking about Jon.

Congratulating the Air Force's newest Lt. Colonel.

Giving flowers to one of his three favorite girls.

What I didn't see behind my back as Jon gave me my flowers.

We also had a party to celebrate after the ceremony, and were able to share that fun time with one of Jon's co-workers, who also pinned on the same rank just a few months before. Congrats to you both!

Poor Liz didn't get a chance to get the cake she wanted, so her's reads "...and Liz too...yea!" I am only responsible for the blue cake! :)
After the promotion, we celebrated Valentine's Day. Thanks to our family who made our Valentine's Day so special! Again, we missed you!
Here's a happy baby, sporting an outfit from adoring Grandparents.

The girls received musical instruments and are enjoying learning to play them.

We also celebrated Jon's birthday, which is the day after Valentine's Day. Ellie wasn't feeling too well so we limited the celebrations on his actual birthday until she was feeling better. We all got some yummy cherry pie, though!

After some reading with the girls (they always love to sit with Daddy!) Mommy took the family on a surprise outing. We went to a place nearby where you can have lunch and see some neat cars. An added bonus was the kids' play area inside the restaurant! We'll definitely return there. :)
Jon and Miranda, each awaiting their lunch. You can see the cars are just outside the window of the restaurant.

Ellie and the Rolls. (One of two there.)

The mobster car--a 1939 BMW. It was amazing!

Sweet, adorable baby. She didn't really care about the cars. :)

She did care about getting a nap!
This Maserati was calling my name....:)

And so many Lamborghinis, so little time.

Of course, I couldn't get pictures of all the Porsches, Ferraris, and other awesome cars we saw. The one of the Batmobile didn't turn out very well--so if you want to see it, you'll just have to come visit!
Last but not least, I surprised Jon with a cake at our small group meeting. Unfortunately, Kate was sick, so I could not attend, but that made the surprise even more special. We are so proud of you, Jon, and love you so much. Happy February!


Irishdrums said...

Exciting! Congrats Jon! Way to go. Adorable pics of the girls, especially tiny little Miranda, she's a doll baby!

b.niel said...

congrats to the new Lt. Col.! and happy birthday! Did Jon get his birthday surprise from us? It came in his email. Love you guys! oh, and when did the annual cherry pie lose the number jon was turning? was that your decision or his? :)

Nana said...

The month of February this year will always be one of special memories for you. Congratulations!! We love the pictures filling us in with more details. Everyone is so happy and excited to celebrate with Daddy. And we are excited here too! Praise the Lord for His goodness and His blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

What a great month you all have had!!!! Love the pictures of Jon's promotion. You four ladies look so happy and so pretty all dressed up and Daddy looks so handsome in his uniform! We are so proud!!!!
Looks like you had a fun birthday party too!

P.S. Stop feeding those girls - they are growing up to fast!!!

Tom said...

Tom wrote:

Congratulations Jon! You look good in silver.

(Fashion tip: Where I bought my guitar the guys wear those things their ears. Just a thought)

We're proud of all of you and for your beautiful family as well and we're grateful to have the photos to draw us a little closer.

Shari Baker said...

What an accomplishment, for all of you. I know that the family has to be there supporting somebody in their education, or it doesn't get done, so I know that you all have worked hard towards this moment! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jon! James pinned on in August. It's a nice pay raise!