Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have a few videos I wanted to share that I think you'll like. They are mostly from last month, but better late than never!

For the video and song that prompted this video, check out this LINK. They're trying to recreate the jump off the wall the guitarists do around 1:20. I promise our video will make a lot more sense once you visit the You Tube link. The older two girls love to listen and dance to this song, and Jon loves playing it for them.
This video was about two weeks before Christmas, when the kid's Sunday school sang some songs in church. I was fortunate enough to be there that week--this was the first of two consecutive weeks that Ellie was too sick to go to church--which is why she's not there. Also, I didn't know they were going to sing AND (thank the Lord!) I happened to have my camera in the diaper bag. So now you too get to see the fun. :)
And more singing to come...this next one is the girls' kindergarten singing a well-known favorite. (Well the music is well known, even if the words aren't.) Jon and I were happy they sang this song because we could actually join in.

And finally, I took a video of Miranda just this morning so she could showcase her skills. Like her sisters before her, whenever the camera appears she likes to stare at and study it, so she's not as interactive as she would be normally. But this is recent, so enjoy!


Tom said...

Granpa Tom said:

Boy, wait until your landlord discovers that you are jumping off the walls! Looks like fun though.

b.niel said...

oo. ja. boo!

Anonymous said...

Ok - who is having more fun jumping, daddy or the girls?!!!!!! Love all the music and singing!
Miranda Joy sures does have sure a happy spirit!!
Love and hugs, A & J