Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

I realize we're a bit behind on blogging, but as you know, Christmas is a busy time! And having three little ones makes it triple-y busy. (Ok, that is just an excuse...) So here are a few pictures to catch you up on what's going on around here before we get to the joyous day of celebrating Christ's birth.
Miranda Joy, 2 1/2 months. Such a smiley sweetie!
 We had a lot of snow in November. There were times we'd have to shovel two times a day! Here are the girls and a neighbor girl making snow angels in the back yard. They looked so funny all plopped on the snow that I had to take their picture.

Making snow ice cream, courtesy of my friend Roxanne. It was fun! The girls liked it, but complained it was too cold. :)

Jon's former office had a farewell for him that the girls and I got to attend. It only took four months to actually get it planned and excecuted, but at least it happened! It was fun to see the old gang again, and fun for them to meet Miranda. This is Jon and his former boss.

Two weeks ago (much to my surprise!) the preschool kids at church got up in front and sang some Christmas songs. Unfortunately, this was the first weekend Ellie was sick, so neither she nor Jon were there to take part, but I enjoyed seeing Kate up on the stage. She sang out and did a great job. I have it on video, and will attempt to post that a bit later.

Miranda's smile is infectious and lights up her whole face--but it's so hard to catch on camera because whenever she sees the camera, she's immediately curious and stops smiling. But we're trying! She loves her crib and (dare I say it?) puts herself to sleep each night. I just feed her, wrap her in her swaddle me and lay her down. She does the rest--no crying! Holy cow, that's a definite first for the Luminati girls! However, we're working on a bottle because she refuses to take one...our mistake! We waited too long to continuously give her one, so now we're working on it. Slowly, slowly!

The girls had an Adventssingen at their kindergarten, where the parents could come and see the kids sing Christmas songs. I have a few of those on video too, which I want to post soon. It was so  fun to see them singing with their class! (You can see this happened after poor E smashed her face on the front step.:( But she was happy to sit next to the friend she plays with all the time at kindy and her sister.

Best part of the day for them--Jon was able to come over and see the singing.

Mommy and Miranda were there too, but Miranda couldn't hack it--sleep overtook her. :)

Here are my three little elves helping make Christmas goodies for the neighbors.

And our wonderful landlords came over with gifts for all, including some wine made in our part of Germany, apples from their trees, and aprons complete with kitchen utensils and hot pads for the girls. It was so nice of them! We are so blessed.

Miranda enjoying some attention from her oldest sister. She loves to see her sisters and smiles like crazy when Kate comes up to talk to her. It's so fun to see! Ellie is more like a blur and comes and goes quickly, but she's getting more interested in Miranda.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas all the way over here from Germany. What an adventure this year has been, as has each one that we've spent here. More Christmas pictures and fun to come!


Blythe Owen Hunt said...

Seeing these sweet girls and getting snapshots of your life makes you feel not quite so far away. It's the best Christmas present (well, second to seeing you in person!) evah! Thank you for taking the time to post so we could all enjoy your beautiful family. <3

Nana said...

What fun to see the girls enjoying the snow, little Miranda getting older every day and the girls helping with Christmas cookies. And Miranda and Kate having fun time together. Thanks for keeping us up on what's happening. We love every picture. Merry Christmas.

Jenn (from California) said...

Aaaahhhhh, the girls are so adorable! Love you guys! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Wow - snow angels and snow cream!!!!!! Great memories are being made in Germany!!!! Miss Miranda sure does have a priceless smile!!!
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign our names - LOVE YOU, Uncle Al and Aunt JoAnn