Saturday, September 29, 2012

Welcome, Miranda Joy!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Miranda Joy Luminati. Our sweet bundle decided she was finally ready to be born and she did so in a hurry! From first contraction to holding baby in our arms took just under two hours. Whew! Not even time for an epidural...but we won't go there. ;) We thank the Lord for Miranda's safe delivery and good health!
Mommy and Miranda, just a few hours after birth.

A proud daddy holding his newest baby girl.

Miranda meets her sisters for the first time--our first family picture!

The big sister holding her littlest sister. Kate is so good with Miranda--she adores her and loves to talk to her.

The new big sister meeting her new little sister. Ellie is definitely a three year old when it comes to Miranda--Ellie loves to hold and kiss her, albeit she is working on being more gentle. It's fun to see her love on Miranda!

Meeting her Gram for the first time. (Gram already has to share time with a grabby big sister who's ready to hold Miranda again.) :)

A proud Pops.

Our sweet little baby in her German jumper from the hospital.

Welcome to the family, Miranda Joy! We'll be posting more pictures as we get time--right now it's all hands on deck with juggling three little ones. Thanks a bunch to Gram and Pops for being here to help!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are priceless!!!! Three beautiful baby girls! Miranda, get ready for lots of love from your two beautiful big sisters.
Congratulations to all of you! We love you.
A &J

b.niel said...

Hooray! So excited, so joyful. What awesome pics and thanks for sharing! Let me know when is a good time to talk. b

scarlet said...

yay! you're not pregnant anymore! i'm so glad everything went well and that you and baby are healthy. i'm praying she eats and sleeps well so you can eat and sleep well too!

Irishdrums said...

She's just perfect. So happy for you and glad Miranda decided to be welcomed! My mom had short labors too, I hope I can be lucky in that respect (when the time comes) as well. At least it was short and quick, right?

Blythe Owen Hunt said...

She is breath-taking! So beautiful, just like all the Luminati girls/women. <3 Thank you for posting. I can't wait to see more pictures! And when things have settled down, I'd love to talk! <3<3<3