Friday, August 24, 2012

Preggie Pics Compared

Normally I don't like to post pictures of myself in late-stage pregnancy (for obvious reasons!) but for some reason with Peanut's imminent arrival, I've been wondering how the pregnancies compare. So without further adieu, here they are:

Baby Looms (aka Kate) at 34 weeks (two weeks before delivery)

Pipsqueak (aka Ellie) at 36 weeks (one week before delivery)
 Peanut (aka: ?) at 33 weeks (tomorrow I'm 35 weeks so this is a bit old.)

Interestingly enough to note, both the pictures of Kate and Ellie were the last taken before the girls arrived. So we need to get a few more in of Peanut because we're not ready! Well, at least we have clothes to clothe her...that's a start. :) And you don't have to tell me I look radiant...I already feel as large as a sun and have two small satellites orbiting me every day (aka Kate and Ellie) so I'm a virtual planetoid. But not qutie an orange on a toothpick (for those getting my movie reference)!


Anonymous said...

WOW, JEN, great pics! Yipes, this would be a bit too early, so we're praying for a few more weeks...settle down, sweet Peanut. She may indeed be born in the days as we are arriving! I am hoping for the 21st! Thank you for giving us a delightful, "sunny" glimpse, we are so excited. Love, G+P

Anonymous said...

Jen I must say, you my feel huge but you really look awesome!!!! I bet the gils are getting very excited. We can't wait to hear all about PEANUT!!!! She'll be here before you know it!!!!
Love you - A&J

Blythe Owen Hunt said...

How about a grape on a toothpick?? (spoken with a Scottish accent) You look great!! Can't wait to see pics of Peanut!!

b.niel said...

you look great right now! interesting comparison. good pics.

b.niel said...

it's so interesting how much those look like girl bellies! mine looks so different. really low and strangely pointy. crazy.

Shari Baker said...

Oh, definitely NOT an orage on a toothpick! You look beautiful! I think you look the best yet (in this third pregnancy). Not to mean that you looked shabby beforehand, though. Pregnancy looks good on you!