Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baltics Part 2: Warnemunde

Our first stop on the cruise itinerary was the beach resort town of Warnemunde, Germany. This was the jumping off point for those who wanted to take the 2 hr train ride into Berlin, but we decided to hang out on the beach. We discovered many of the homes we passed in this canal area (Alte Strom) were built above the store below, with a balcony overlooking the canal. It was wonderful! Flowers and cute shops everywhere. The day was beautiful... 

...however the wind was terrible!! You can't tell in these pictures, but the wind was so strong and gusting so much that the kids could hardly stay on their feet. So much for digging in the sand and relaxing on the beach! We ventured out just a bit and the driving sand sent us back in between the buildings.

Ellie, our dedicated beach bum, had a hard time giving up the fun-in-the-sun, but eventually even she got cranky. (Must have been the sand in her teeth.)

 So we explored the town a little before heading back to the ship. (We wanted to take it a bit easier this day because we knew busier days were yet to come!) We went inside the cathedral and admired this beautiful 15th century altar. Seriously, by the time we leave Europe we'll be so spoiled with seeing beautiful churches! The girls love looking for spires and then asking if we can go inside and check it out. Jon and I are always reminded that we have to be quiet when we get inside, though. :) Another fun find was the picturesque lighthouse which is now in a square closer in to the city.

And since we had to cut our beach day short, Daddy provided the best entertainment by figuring out where to put our ice cream trash. The girls loved it. (Honestly, it is VERY hard to find trash cans in Germany. Often times you are expected to take your trash with you like when you camp!)

Next stop: Tallinn, Estonia!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beach! What a fun day. We love the pic of a silly Daddy, too! So much beautiful scenery and so many gorgeous and historical buildings to see and explore along the way. Loving this saga...delights for everyone. LOVE the sidebar pics, too! Keep 'em comin', dear ones...G+P

Nana said...

At first I thought Jon was cleaning his ears, but now as I read I understand he's really a trash can. Who would have thought of that??! What beautiful places and sights you are showing us. Let the pictures continue.

Anonymous said...

Can not believe these awesome pictures!!! What a trip you must have had. Look forward to more pics!! We love the new one at the top of the blog.


P.S. Momma Jen, you look great!