Monday, May 28, 2012

First day of Kindergarten

 Ellie started at the German kindergarten last week! She was so excited to join her big sis and the other kids. We've been talking and talking about her started once she turned 3. (In case you're confused as to why Ellie is starting kindergarten at the end of May, German kindergarten is a lot like American pre-school. So while they call it "kindergarten" it's not the same as what you're thinking. The German kids attend kindergarten until they turn 6, then they go to their "elementary school."

The girls wanted to hold hands as they walked together. <3 Ellie is pointing out the pretty flowers.

Big smiles as we enter the kindergarten!

Here's where all the kids hang their coats and backpacks up and put on their house shoes. I'll have to get a picture of them hanging up their coats and jackets on their hooks. She's off to the Fische Gruppe with Kate!

She seems to really enjoy it, though the four hours each day are a bit much. So we're gradually working up to the four hours and I pick her up about 1 1/2 hours before I go get Kate. Fun for all...and amazingly, I have a few hours to myself in the morning! So why are we having another kid?? (Just kidding!!)


Anonymous said...

Oh my, how time flys by! Way to go, the pic of your first day. At last you can go to kindy w/ Kate. Love the m holding hands...sisters, sisters. Thanks for sharing this moment in time w/ us. Love to all...G+P

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! She just marched off and joined kate to school! This is pretty impressive ELLIE! We are proud of you. Kate you are the best big sister ever! Love the pictures. Mom and Dad - how did this happen so fast?!! A & J

Cousin Riley said...

How cute! I can't believe that Ellie is already going to preschool. it seems like just yesterday she was an infant. Love you guys!

Nana said...

I love the pics of Ellie and Kate together. And Oh, how I love seeing them appreciate the flowers, too. And Jen, doesn't that time go fast when they are both at school?!
How fun! Thanks for sharing. Today is Memorial Day and we celebrate all those who have served out country and also for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks for your service!

Tom said...

Hard to believe Ellie is old enough to walk off to Kindy with a back pack and her sister.

By the way I love the bowling ball picture.

Love to all

Grandpa Tom