Monday, December 5, 2011

New Beds and Chocolate Festival

You may (or may not) have heard that we got the girls some new beds. It's true! It was quite a find. Jon ran across an ad at our church for a free double bed (just pick it up) so we called and checked it out. The German idea of a double bed is to screw two single beds together (so there's still a space between the mattresses), which works well in our case because we unscrew the beds and voila--two singles. They're pretty big--the size of an extra long twin--and they just barely fit in their room.

Here's Jon, assembling and rearranging. (Kate's helping)

Kate was pretending she was Noah in the ark. The crown is from church that day.

The completed set. Don't ask how long it took to get the sheets, duvets, etc but we did and here they are. Kate loves her bed but Ellie is taking a bit longer to adjust. I can't say I blame her--her bed is easily twice as large as her crib was. But here are our two big girls in their big girl beds. Now please pray they can get more sleep in them! :)

This is just for fun--they've been watching a lot of Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving so Kate put together their indian costumes. Ellie supplied the feathers with a craft from Sunday school.

This past weekend, we went to another Christmas market, this time in one of our favorite towns, Tuebingen. Here's a look down one of the streets in the alstadt (old city)

Some decorations for the fest. It's well-known because it's the only chocolate festival in the country--as far as we know. It's called Chocolart, or the Schokoladenfestival.

Jon and Ellie, taking in the delicious sights.

Enjoying some Daddy time too.

Here's an idea of how crowded it was. VERY. Jon is attempting to give the girls chocolate while holding on to his mug of gluhwein. He's such an expert! We also met our friends the Gallaghers there (Siobhan is in the green coat, off to the left) but I didn't get a good picture of them. In fact, we forgot our camera, so all these shots are taken with my phone.

Ellie, missing her nap but enjoying the outing. (Lovie's having a ball as well.)

We didn't get too much chocolate, but a good time was had by all. What a privilege it is to spend Christmas time here in Germany and experience these fun sights!


b.niel said...

chocolate festival? wow, sign me up! great pics! thanks for sharing, as always! and good work on the beds! such big girls!

beth and melinda said...

what fun!
we miss you

Betsy said...

Hello! What a great surprise! LOVE the new beds. Praying w/ you for a quick adjustment and better sleep. We sure loved visiting Tubingen + are delighted you got tpo go to the Chocolate festival. What fun for all!

Nana said...

The bedroom really looks full with those two beds. But, they look great and the bedding is wonderful. It looks like all of the bedding fit. It looks cute. And the girls at the Christmas market in Tubingen, how fun! Did you get another mug? You could have a neat collection after going to a few Weihnachtsmarft! We love you!
Thanks for the post and the pics!

Anonymous said...

Wow that bedroom looks great. Good find Jon!! They look brand new.
Love you,

Jon Luminati said...

Thanks for posting Jen. Always great to see a new post when I'm far away and missing my three girls. Glad to see the cell phone camera worked well. Bodes well for my trip tomorrow.

Shari Baker said...

The girls' bedroom looks terrific! Everything fits together so nicely. Awesome that you got two nice looking beds for free! That's one of my favorite words! I'm glad that Kate is excited, and hope that Ellie comes around to a big girl bed soon. Also glad that Jon is doing well and has recovered quickly.