Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome Home, Daddy!

After a three week TDY, our Daddy returned home to us this weekend! We are thrilled to have him back. (As one military friend commented, one month away for the AF is like 6 months to the rest of the military!) I really hate to complain about his being gone because in the grand scheme of things 3 weeks is hardly a sacrifice--especially in light of what other military spouses have to deal with! But even so, we are all smiles here now that Daddy is back.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful family

Betsy said...

Welcome home, indeed! Thrilled for each of you. Thanks for the great photo. Love the sign. Buckets of love, G+P

Anonymous said...

Don't know who looks happier - daddy or the girls! Welcome home, Jonathan. Hope you get to stay there for a while. Love the crooked wing picture!
Love you - Al & Me

Dirkes Fam said...

I feel the same way. Three weeks is nothing, but it doesn't feel like nothing. I am sure that we will be having a similar welcome home (and probably post) in about 2 1/2 weeks. I love the Welcome Home sign.

Nana said...

Hi Fam,
It's great to see Jon back from his trip and we're so happy that he got such a great welcome. I bet Kate said
"your husband is home, Mom". She told Ed his son was home. Celebrate! and enjoy the blessings of time together.

Shari Baker said...

What a cute welcome home sign! I'm sure that warmed up Jon's heart to see. I'm glad that "daddy" is home!