Saturday, July 16, 2011

Odds and Ends

Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to lately.

In the last blog post, I was remiss not to include the picture of our newest acquisition--curtains in the toy room, thanks to Nana! She made this while she was here and it's awesome. Thanks so much!!

Also, while we were at Mainau Island (see previous post)we visited the Schmetterling haus(butterfly house) and it was phenemonal. There were so many butterflies all over that we had to be careful where to step. I was able to coax one on to Ellie's finger, and she was transfixed. Every time she sees one now she asks for it to be put on her finger.

Daddy found the perfect picnic spot in the woods near our house so we hiked out and enjoyed the summer sun. (And I tried really hard not to think too much about ticks.)

Any idea what they called themselves? You guessed it...potheads.

A favorite place to play. (For those of you not familiar with European showers, this is our only one and yes, it's just that big.)

We found a baby store in a nearby "mall" and the girls fell in love with these Sonnenbrillen (sunglasses). Now they don't go outside without them.

Oh yes. Early last month, our ab-fab landlords and a really nice neighbor gave us the fruit of their labor (literally). We had easily three pounds of cherries, so I decided I'd make a real cherry pie. 5 1/2 cups of pitted cherries later, the pie was made and set to bake. (My fingers were stained for weeks after this.) I figured I'd never had a fresh cherry pie (have you?) so we were going where no one had gone before. (No one in this family, anyway--hence the decoration) And considering how much our household loves cherries, I wanted to see if a real cherry pie stood up to the awesomeness produced by Comstock. The result? THE most delicious cherry pie I've EVER had. Seriously. Comstock can't hold a candle to real cherries. Now I'm REALLY in trouble...have I unknowingly started a tradition? Ah well, there could be worse things to make year after year.

And this is a view of the sunset out our guestbathroom window. So now you'll have to come visit so you can see it. (Just so you know, you'll have to stand on top of the toilet to get this view.) C'mon over!


Betsy said...

Just like coming for a visit (well, almost). Terrific everyday life shots. Love the potheads and the butterfly moment. Way to go with the pie,Jen,yummy. Love the curtains, Nana! Have a great, G+P

b.niel said...

These are all so great! Love the sunglasses picture. By the way, Ev is INCREDULOUS that you've never had a fresh cherry pie. He was like, "what do you do? where do you get the cherries if they're not fresh?" I guess cherry picking was never a part of our childhood like it was his. We just picked some up at the farmer's market and I made one this week too! Did you use sour cherries or sweet? Sour cherry pie is the best. And yes, i wouldn't say I'm a huge cherry pie fan, but fresh cherry pie is really a thing to behold. There might be no going back now for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - that is one good looking pie! I can only imagine what a fresh cherry pie taste like. Love the pony and chocolate factory videos. The butterfly area must have been so interesting. The girls are having so much fun. Your family is building so many wonderful memories. We love it.
Keep it up. Love you, Al & JoAnn

Jon Luminati said...

Thanks for uploading a new post for me to see while I'm away. I miss you all and can't wait to get back to sharing the everyday things together.



Brent said...

Great post! fun to see the ordinary things with the extraordinary:) Looks like you are making the most of your stay in Germany. That picnic spot looks gorgeous!
Thank you for posting so often so we can keep up with you all. Your family is beautiful.

Nana said...

What great pics of the gals and their sunglasses and the pie (delicious) and the picnic spot looks terrific. Thanks for sharing. Those new curtains are perfect, (Oops, I'm the one who made them!)What great memories your pictures bring back. Thanks!

Tom said...

A pink flamingo in your yard!! Who'd a thought it!

So sorry that on our visit we just missed cherry pie season but I'm glad we caught the tail end of spre.. uh shprengl...uh schprengel zuppe. What I mean is white asparagus soup season.

Thanks so much


Tom said... more thing: a caution to all prospective visitors to your house: The shower IS that small. Warning: don't drop the soap!


Irishdrums said...

Haha! I love the potheads! My sister and I used to run around with giant zucchini leafs on our heads...we were the zucchini warriors!

Shari Baker said...

The curtains do indeed look beautiful, it looks like it adds some soft light when sunny, and the color is so pretty! I'm always impressed when people can sew things so well!