Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We made it!

After an amazing amount of time in airports and waiting (besides spending more than 12 hrs actually on planes), we've made it to Germany! The girls did awesome, considering the situation, but we were all thrilled to have the journey over. I don't think Jon or I got more than a hour or two on the red-eye across the pond. The girls fared a little better, but not much. We were totally blessed to have the people at Delta Sky Lounge allow us to use their facilities to hang out in during our 5 hour layover. That was a huge blessing--we didn't have to lug all our stuff (and the girls) around the airport, nor did we have to campout at a gate.

When we did arrive in Germany, a guy from Jon's office was there to meet us, and all our stuff arrived! That too, was a blessing. He picked us up and drove us to the post where our hotel is, as well as drove us around the post so we knew where important places are (commissary, PX, bowling alley, etc). :) Also, during our nap that afternoon while he took Jon over to check in, we had a laundry basket full of stuff delivered to our hotel room, welcoming us to Germany. It's from a spouse of a guy JOn will work for. It was incredible! Even in my jet-lag stupor I could see how awesome that gift is--food, diapers, wine, magazines, toys for the kids, stuff about living in Germany, a quick language guide, a bath mat--amazing. So the Lord is looking out for us (no surprise there, eh?) and I can't wait to meet the very nice people who put that together.

So we are here, check out the link (Click here for the link) to some pictures I posted on Facebook. They aren't that great, but at least it gives an idea of our trip. It's snowing outside and we are car-less, so I don't have any pictures of Germany itself, but they will come. Oh, and our car is going to arrive this week! Hurray! We're getting moving on housing as well, but nothing to report. (Except for the fact that we're living in a VERY small hotel room (with one separate bedroom) so that will factor in on our decision to get more room sooner as opposed to later.) Anyway, thank you to all for your prayers and well-wishes. We are certainly thankful for them!


b.niel said...

so glad to hear you made it safely! Sounds like the move has been full of blessings already. I hope it's a smooth transition! So great seeing you guys, make sure to keep us updated. Love yoU!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! A post already. Thanks so much for the fill in. We are so excited for all of you! What a sweet welcome gift for you. Ah, the AF family! Love to all from the USA...hugs all around...Gram and Pops

Nana said...

Hurray, you are in Germany! And God's blessings are all around. Thanks for updating us so quickly and we hope you are getting some sleep. Your car is coming this week! Hurray! Now we need to pray for a maisonette to come on the market NOW! We love you and wait eagerly for your next update.