Friday, August 13, 2010

Goings On

Ellie is 15 months old today and Kate is almost three! Where does the time go? We are busy, busy, and mom is busy, busy, trying to keep up with my two vivacious girls. Kate is back in dance class and Ellie enjoys going and watching all the kids. Ellie is signing more words like food, more, water, milk, please, and a few times, thank you. She can also say more words, to include baby (her new favorite word) and bye bye. We're beginning to teach the kids (and ourselves) some German phrases (stay tuned for another video hopefully soon) and it's fun to hear Kate laugh at some of the crazy German pronunciation.

I often try to get pictures of Ellie. Unfortunately, she's so active that they turn out like this:

Or this:And while that's cute, it's hard to share a lot of those pics. And she clams up when the camera is around because she likes to stare at it and point, so it's hard to get her words and signs on camera. But I will continue to attempt!

Here's Kate, using her favorite bed and blanket. She did this of her own accord and even asked me to cover her up. So sweet!

And we had the privilege of my friend Jenn come visit! It was great to see you Jenn, and thanks for sharing some of your time off with us. Unfortunately, the kids don't look that great in the pic because Ellie was done (she's actually sliding off Jenn's lap) and Kate was moving around too much to look at the camera for three seconds. So there you have it!

Last but not least, here are a few videos to make you smile. They certainly make us smile!


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun, what fun! Two active, sweet, fun little gals and two great parents! Love Kate's Daddy bed and those giggles of Ellie's! Kate, your faces are marvelous. Love those little side pics, too. How they both grow. Thanks so much for sharing a recent slice of your lives. Love to all w/ hugs...Gram + Pops

Nana said...

Hi everyone,
Those videos and pictures are great! We loved the laughing one with Ellie and Daddy and then the facial expressions of Kate were delightful. I also loved the princess crown on her head. She really is a girl's girl.
Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Ach du lieber!

I don't know what that means. It could be German for: Your girls are cute! We love the updates Jen.


Shari Baker said...

They are vivacious indeed! What cuties though!