Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just for Fun

Here are a few recent videos of our cherubs. I hope they make you laugh as much as they do us.

This one is pretty self explanatory. I promise I did not coach her in any way, except that which you hear. (Blythe, this one's for you!)

This video is of Ellie helping me get Kate from her nap. Ellie usually wakes up earlier than Kate from their afternoon nap, so when Ellie hears Kate's voice, she makes a beeline down the hall to go get her sis. Listen to her saying "hi, hi" over and over again. Oh, and Ellie is now walking herself without much use of her walker, though she still loves to push it around.


Nana said...

Hi Jen and Jon and girls,
Those videos are outstanding, what fun. Ellie is really strolling these days with the help of her "walker". Wow! Isn't that something how she beelined for her sister from her nap. And why are you the dark-haired Mama? Very interesting. She was very definite that you are that person. Do you need to tell us something, Jen????

Shari Baker said...

Is that Little People figure/Jen African-American? If so, wow! I think it is sweet how little ones do not really notice races or facial colors for a long time. I still think that Jamin really does not notice/care about different races or skin color, and I'm definitely okay with that! Once, when he was about three, he described somebody as a black person, and I looked, and the person was wearing a black shirt. :) Anyhow, too cute! Thanks for sharing. Buh Bye!

Anonymous said...

What fun, what fun! Just what a couple of grandparents who so miss their girls needed! Love your "imagine play", Kate and your Monterey sunbathing. Way to go Ellie w/ that walker! Love seeing them greet each other after nap. Fills ya up, doesn't it? AND, you will be here in just a few short weeks! Love it! Love all of you...G+P

Anonymous said...

oh WOW!These are adorable. When we saw ellie 6 months ago she couldn't even crawl!! She's so big! They both are. Kate's hair is adorable. And I could really get on board with Little People Black Jen.


Erin said...

Those videos are both awesome! I am laughing so hard at the first one in particular. ;-)
And the second one - Ellie looks like a little old lady pushing her walker around! SOOOOO cutie! Thank you so much for sharing! We love to see the girls growing up even if we never get to see you guys!!

Blythe said...

How did I miss these videos??!! I am laughing SO SO SO SO hard at the first one!!! HA HA HA!! That totally cracks me up!!! I always used the blonde lady in the blue dress as the mom. Despite my roots. I love it.

scarlet! said...

i missed the videos the first time too!
firstly, we all should be so lucky to have someone greet us with such enthusiasm when we wake up from our naps.
secondly, you are the whitest black girl i have EVER known!